Good9stay Inn

About Good9stay Inn:

In addition to extremely affordable rates, we offer fresh, unique rooms for short or long term stays.
Guests staying here enjoy a central location in the Ximending area, surrounded by many sights as well as numerous shops and restaurants.
Guests are also enjoy a one minute walk to the Ximen MRT station exit No. 6.
Despite the budget rates, all rooms are equipped with ultra modern facilities such HDTV, free hi-speed wifi , a modern facade and upmarket interior design.
Each room has its own style complete with individual works of art. We offer 24 hour customer assistance and check-in service.
Our rooms are meticulously maintained and we guarantee the accuracy of our descriptions and photos for a no-surprises, enjoyable stay.
We do not offer hourly rates! We cater to international visitors from all over the world.
We welcome all travelers and guests who would love and appreciate a personalized stay in their home away from home.
All guests are welcome to visit, but by appointment only please! ( Non- Hourly Rates Room)
Please respect our wishes and do not arrive unannounced or unscheduled. We strictly enforce our policy and do not want to disturb the guests that are here.
If you are traveling to Taipei, Taiwan on a budget, then Good9stay Inn provides excellent hospitality in a central location and at a great price!
(The Legal Registration Hotel 台灣光觀局合法登記旅館)

2011年7月24日 星期日

If a particular seasons has a deal currently going, it will be displayed for you to see. Offer is subject to availability.

Prices depend on the room types and how many beds  provided , not by an individual room style or photos.Rates listed are based on accommodation room size and location.

Transportation Information:

From the airport bus bays at airport, U can choose to take Guoguang bus.
  Guoguang = 國光客運
..... Guoguang .....
GG is a non-stop ride from airport to Taipei Main Station area. From TMS, you can either take a cab
(less than NT120) to Ximending.Or take the MRT from TMS to Ximen 西門 station Exit 6 - a mere MRT stop away. Once you leave Ximen MRT station via exit #6, You are in Xmd.
once you exit ximen station at exit 6, walk towards the shops that is beside the main road
and then you will see a family mart and from there turn right into the small lane and 1 minute later you will see a sign on your left. Approximately 40 meters Please walk into the building the good9stay located on a lift 5 f.
(Cheng Tu Road)
Kuo-Kung Shuttle Bus Taipei Main Staation  at Exit Z 3